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Scale up your assurance programme.
Drive down the cost.

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Manage one source of security data.
Focus on the things that matter.

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Run assurance with Risk Ledger
Whether you have 10 suppliers or 10 million, running an assurance programme with Risk Ledger is simple. With same day onboarding, let Risk Ledger help you to draw powerful insights into your supply chain security whilst saving your security team time and money.

Manage your security
Use Risk Ledger as your own personal security risk management tool and let us enable you to implement and improve your security practices for free. Give your clients peace of mind over your security without having to complete endless questionnaires.

£200k Saved
Average cost we save our clients every year.
5000+ Hours Saved
Average number of hours work we save.
100% Coverage
The entirety of your supply chain covered.

On average our clients see a 70% reduction in their current per supplier cost of assurance, and a 60% reduction in the amount of time their security team spends on assurance.

We help clients to comply with key regulation such as GDPR, FCA SYSC, and the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation.

Same day onboarding. All you need to onboard is a list of your suppliers that you wish to conduct assurance against, and a contact for each.

Risk Ledger is improving the security maturity of the global supply chain ecosystem, reducing the number of data breaches experienced through supply chain attacks by companies and consumers alike.

We help suppliers implement the correct security controls within their organisation and manage them in one central tool. We help corporates accurately measure the security their suppliers have implemented and gain assurance over the security risk within their supply chain.

We drive security into the heart of business. We enable faster procurement times, more efficient security budgets, and give clients’ insights into their supply chain that are actionable all the way to the executive level.

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