About Us

Improving the security maturity
of the global supply chain ecosystem.

Risk Ledger is on a mission to shift the way organisations approach cybersecurity and information management in the supply chain.

We are making an impact by changing the way organisations identify, measure and mitigate security risks for themselves, their clients and their suppliers. In doing so, we plan to reduce the number of global data breaches experienced by companies and consumers as a result of supply chain attacks.

We provide organisations, large and small, with the tools and knowledge they need to increase their security maturity. By offering the data and resources needed to efficiently measure and mitigate their levels of cyber risk, we enable organisations to truly understand the entirety of their security landscape.

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Who we are

We are a diverse team of passionate thinkers, hackers, consultants and security experts with wide ranging experiences in tech, cybersecurity, consultancy and media. Risk Ledger is built on the respect we have for one another and our users, united by our shared values and mission.

Every one of us is still learning: it’s how we grow as individuals. We’re curious. We’re ambitious. And we’re humble and honest. At Risk Ledger, we aim high to find the best solutions we can and always put our users first.

Haydn Brooks

Haydn Brooks
Co-founder & CEO

Daniel Saul

Daniel Saul
Co-founder & CTO

Our Offices

London Office
White Collar Factory,
1 Old Street Yard,

Registered Office
Adam House,
7-10 Adam St,